Corporate Safety Program

Meet annual safety requirements without business disruption! The need to maintain an audit-proof Corporate Safety Plan and to implement ongoing safety training creates another new compliance issue. At Fleet Response, we’ve solved this one, too, with a comprehensive, affordable safety program.

Here’s what our Corporate Safety Program includes:

  • Full visibility to both company profile as a whole as well as individual driver profiles
  • E-learning modules emailed monthly directly to the driver
  • Tested & tracked training
  • App used to document Safety Meeting Attendance & Employee Discussions (additional enhancement available for purchase at checkout)
  • Auto generated emails- training assignments, past due reminders, expiring medical card & license reminders
  • Document upload (accident reports, evaluations, driver discussions, policy sign-offs etc.)
  • Monthly Safety Meetings sent to owners and managers to educate / reinforce each month’s E-learning module
  • Corporate Safety Plan – reviewed / approved during multiple safety audits
  • Additional training lessons available for purchase to target driver issues

Cost is $8.50 per driver slot, monthly. No cost to replace a termed driver!

Corporate Safety Program

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