V-Link Training

Driver Telematics Slots for Velocitor Customers

Telematics should not be just about a score. A key component of using telematics to the fullest is transforming the recorded data into actionable training to correct the behavior long-term. This means when the driver engages in events such as speeding or heavy braking and turning on their routes, a solution is needed to educate them about this behavior.

With Fleet Response V-Link Training, specifically for Velocitor clients, these triggered events are automatically transformed into automated mini training lessons to provide drivers the feedback they need for a long-lasting behavior change.

How Does This Work?

By purchasing a telematics slot, Fleet Response V-Link will be automatically integrated with Velocitor. When using the VEDR technology, for routes and telematic solution, V-Link will provide a powerful solution to deliver unlimited mini-lessons to correct and optimize driver behavior and keep owners compliant with motor carrier requirements.

Drivers are automatically assigned training designed to target their recorded telematics. These range from 1 minute refresher videos to longer 15-minute modules.

Benefits of Using V-Link Training

  • Monitor and correct unsafe behaviors.
  • Drivers can quickly and easily access automated mini lessons.
  • Automated lessons sent automatically to driver, so you don’t have to!
  • Consistency and the on-going training and development of your drivers.

Cost is $12 per telematics slot, annually, with no cost to replace a termed driver!

Velocitor Solutions is a VEDR (Video Electronic Device Recorder) vendor with KI (Key Indicator) - compatible systems that meets the contracting standard of most motor carriers. A key indicator is a way in which a vendor (Velocitor Solutions) measures business safe operation.

V-Link Training

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