Entry Level Driving Program (ELDP)

Hire the Drivers you Want!

Imagine a low-cost, entry-level, driver-training program that prepares your candidates for driver certification by your motor carrier within just FIVE days. We imagined precisely that type of program, and we created it – so that you can hire the drivers you want.

Note: ELDP content is intended for PD drivers only.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Guidance on becoming a driving school vendor (as required based on your contract)
  • Step by step instructions and overall program guide for both a trainer and your candidate
  • Approved, online training lessons and quizzes
  • Road & driving range instructional materials
  • Final exam and certification of completion

Cost is $250 per candidate. If you are already a member, please purchase additional ELDP slots at the correct member pricing to avoid error.

Note: Some motor carriers require all trainers must complete our ELDP prior to being able to assist candidates through the program. At check-out, please purchase 2 ELDP slots, one for your candidate and one for your trainer (if required). If your trainer has already completed the program you do NOT need to buy it for them again.

Bundle and Save!

Save $170 per candidate! Corporate Safety Program members are able to purchase ELDP for $80 per student, versus $250 for non-Corporate Safety Program members. Learn More

Entry Level Driving Program (ELDP)

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